The Pill Pedal - Stereo Ducking

The Pill Manual


Features & Specs


  • 2x Mono ¼ Jack


  • 1x Mono ¼ jack for audio trigger
  • 1x Mono ⅛ Jack for CV/Gate Trigger
  • Can be used simultaneously


  • 2x Mono ¼ Jack


  • true thru Mono ¼ output Jack


  • 119.5 x 94 x 38 mm (Hammond 1590BB)
  • 112.5 x 60.5 x 31 mm (Hammond 1590B)


  • True bypass with silent softtouch footswitch (operated by a relay)
  • or
  • Buffered bypass (completely silent switching)
  • Selectable with internal switch


  • Standard Boss type 9-12V DC (center negative). No batteries.


  • Analog. No digits in here!
  • Flexible input levels (from guitars/mics to studio line-levels) due to a unique, minimalistic audio path
  • Musical and best sounding audio compression due to passive, optical signal ducking
  • Crucial parts are hand-selected, measured and matched by audition by a musician
  • High quality components, selected over years by A/B tests
  • Each pedal is calibrated by ear
  • Die-Cast Aluminium Enclosure, made by Hammond
  • Durable powder coating and lasting UV-Print
  • Designed in Berlin, handmade in Switzerland
  • Carbon neutral shipping with recycled boxing materials

You're about to aquire pure ducking.

Every single pedal is handmade, crucial parts are hand selected, measured, matched and finally the pedal is calibrated, all by my ears. Only like that I can guarantee the most bouncy ducking and best sound quality. My time available is simply limiting the number of pedals I can build.

Discover The Pill

The Pill is the first of its kind Ducking Effect Pedal. It brings a music production effect to the live stage.

All it does is ducking. It's its core purpose. Analog, true bypass and handmade in Europe. It's made by a musician, for musicians.

Release. Depth. Trigger. No need for more.

  • Release: Sets the duration of the ducking. From short to long.
  • Depth: Sets the ducking volume level. From subtle to complete silence.
  • Trigger: Sets the sensibility (gain) of the trigger input. Quickly adjusted to fit the input source.

How does it work?

There are instrument inputs(s) and a trigger input. Every time the pedal detects a signal at the trigger input, the audio from the instrument input gets ducked. It's that simple.

The trigger signal is not routed to the audio outputs.

Find all features and specifications here

Why The Pill

This pedal brings a music production effect to the live stage. It's a unique design and piece of music equipment. Instantly ready on stage. No troublesome calibration. No need for other accessories.

It’s handmade in Europe. Developed by a musician, who understands what musicians wish for and need. No needless functions. Pure Ducking in a robust aluminium enclosure, which just looks dazzling.

100% focused on functionality, musicality and sound quality. No compromises.

The pedal has been tested in real life environments - on stage, in the studio, on tour.

Each pedal is calibrated by ear. Crucial parts are hand-selected, measured and matched.


New features. To inspire you even more

To hear how musicians all over the planet get inspired by this pedal is one of the most beautiful things I may experience in the journey of making this product. You wished for some additional features - and here they are!

Added Trigger thru output jack (The Pill only)

The Pill: Added Trigger thru output jack.

The Pill: Separate CV/Gate/Trigger input. Can be used simultaneously with the normal (audio)-trigger input.

Selectable with internal switch.

For those who love to engage The Pill completely noiseless.

As a bonus, buffered bypass mode also switches to true-bypass when power is disconnected!

Please note: Since I was developing and not photographing, the pictures of The Pill (stereo version) are not updated yet. So you won't find the trigger thru output jack on the photos.

When you think about it

...The Pill connects the energy of two musicians together. It can make a flat sound more vibrant. Rhythmically always linked to another instrument.

It's moving music, making it more lively, letting it breathe along with other instruments. It creates an organic sound with more depth. It’s all about groove. It’s bouncing.

Trigger and Bypass Settings

The Pill PCB

Bypass Setting

True: True Bypass*, switched by a relay.

Bffrd: Buffered Bypass*, for complete silent on/off switching. (default)

*Pedal always switches to True Bypass when unplugged from power.

How to change the settings

Unplug pedal from power.

Open the pedal by unscrewing the bottom plate.

Just use a little plier to pull out the desired little jumper, and put it in again, offset by one pin, so covering the other 2 of the 3 pins.