Mismatcher Petite




  • $79.99 + free shipping
  • fully assembled and ready to use
  • analog video glitcher
  • 3.5mm i/o
  • patchable
  • active circuits:
    • enhancer
    • sync separator
    • sync mixer
  • pal / ntsc / secam


The mismatcher petite is a compact, patchable video glitcher based around the original mismatcher01, sporting most of its circuitry but with a simplified layout. It was designed to provide beginners in the realm of video art with a powerful yet handy tool they can get accustomed to. The mismatcher petite works with composite video, the yellow RCA jack found on cameras and monitors, and contains three different analog circuits, sync separator, sync mixer and enhancer. Feedback and gain controls are available for the enhancer. These circuits can be used individually or interconnected between each other.


  • q: what's the keychain splitter for?

  • a: the keychain splitter is used as a two 4-way splitters. it enables you to split your signal to various parts of the circuit at the same time. for example, if you need to connect the same camera to the enhancer and the sync separator, the keychain splitter let's you split that one camera signal into two or more patch cables.

  • q: what's the bare minimum equipment I need to use the mismatcher petite?

  • a: all you need is a video camera, console, vcr or dvd player with a composite video output (yellow rca jack), a tv screen with composite input and a few 3.5mm ts patch cables.

  • q: can i use the mismatcher petite with other pieces of video equipment, like for example, an edirol v4?

  • a: yes, if it can handle composite video, it'll work with the mismatcher delux.

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