El Garatge WEX Wireless Expression


The Wireless Expression device (WEX) is a system to control a pedal's expression wirelessly. Think of it as an Expression Knob that you can attach anywhere.

It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Each device has some dip-switches to configure its parameters.

WEX Features

  • Manual expression mode (like Expression Knob but wireless).
  • LFO mode (ramping) with 4 shapes, invert, offset and depth and speed controls.
  • Two communication channels to allow two different transmitters in the same room, each one connected to one or more receivers.
  • Battery powered transmitter with standby/battery charging status LED.
  • Receiver LED for expression feedback.
  • Transmitter features a sucker to hold it to a guitar or other flat surface.


  • Can be charged with a standard 9V center negative plug like a normal pedal.
  • Once charged, battery will last more than a week playing around 8 hours / day.
  • Knob controls expression value or speed when LFO dip-switch is enabled.
  • Dip-switches: channel, enable LFO, offset, depth.


  • Powered with 9V center negative.
  • TRS (stereo) expression output to connect it to any pedal with TRS expression (Chase Bliss, Strymon, Hologram, Meris, etc) with any stereo patch cable.
  • Dip switches: channel, reverse expression, LFO shape selection: Sine, Triangle, Random, Square.

The two frequency channels allows to use combinations like:

  • 1 Transmitter -> 1 Receiver: Standard way to control a pedal's expression remotely.
  • 1 Transmitter -> 1 or more receivers (all at same channel): Signal will be duplicated by each receiver with the exception of LFO shape and expression reverse status which are configured in each receiver.
  • 2 Transmitters -> multiple receivers: Each group configured to a different frequency will allow you to control multiple pedals without interfering. Example: 1 transmitter in manual expression sends to 1 receiver. Another transmitter with LFO enabled sends a tremolo to two different receivers (one of them maybe inverted and with a different LFO shape).



El Garatge WEX Wireless Expression 1

El Garatge WEX Wireless Expression 2

El Garatge WEX Wireless Expression 3