El Garatge Expression Knob


The Expression Knob is the smallest expression "pedal". It allows you to control a pedal's expression without losing any space on the pedalboard. It connects directly to the pedal without needing any cable.

Multiple Parameters: Changing multiple parameters at once if the pedal allows it via expression.

Limiter: In brands like Chase Bliss Audio and others, you can set a max value from a pedal knob and all the expression range will only move within the selected range, adding more precision.

Knob is made of CNC-machined aluminum. The rest of the body is made with nylon.

Works with many brands: Chase Bliss Audio, Meris, Strymon, Hologram, EHX, Empress, Fairfield Circuitry, Cooper FX, Walrus Audio, Montreal Assembly (CT5), Red Panda, Spaceman Effects, DryBell, EarthQuaker Devices, Pigtronix, Eventide, etc.



El Garatge Expression Knob 1

El Garatge Expression Knob 2