32k Gameboy Flash Cart

Cart PCB

These carts are dead simple, only capable of handling roms up to 32k in size. There is no mapper, no SRAM, no battery, no RTC. Just a rom.

This is not compatible with LSDJ or ROMs produced with GB Studio.

If you're not sure if your ROM will work, the easiest way to tell is to look at the file size on your computer. If it exceeds 32 KB, it will not work.

You can send me a custom rom and I’ll make sure it works before I send it to you! No commercial roms please.

The price includes an aftermarket Gameboy cartridge shell that's as good as OEM quality if not slightly better. It's slightly transparent black. The PCB will fit in an official shells so if you really wanted you could swap the shell out. The PCB will also fit inside a Gameboy Advance shell. It will not boot GBA games, but the idea is that you can have original Gameboy roms on a cart that will not protrude out of the GBA. A small modification is required in order for the GBA to boot in Gameboy Color mode. Contact me for more information.

No cartridge label is included.

ROM is re-flashable with most cart flashers. If you don’t have a flasher but would like your cart re-flashed in the future, you can ship it back to me and provide me return postage and I’ll re-flash it for you. Or you could just buy another cart, since it’s probably cheaper than shipping it back and forth.